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Valgella Valtellina Superiore d.o.c.g.

Valgella Valtellina Superiore d.o.c.g.
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This wine comes from the most widespread and less harsh sub-area of Valtellina Superiore.
It is exceptionally smooth and mellows after only two years of obligatory ageing. It is excellent with first courses and meat, and is the recognized companion for "Pizzoccheri", a traditional Valtellinese gastronomic first course. However, it stands up to long ageing for which it is advisable to keep the bottles lying down in a cool place.

Grapes: 95% Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca), 5% other local grapes (pignola, Rossola, Pinot nero).
Colour: ruby red.
Bouquet: delicate, fine, persistent, of raspberry.
Serving temperature: 18-20 °C.

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